Senior Associate, financial services

Michelle Staton specializes in emerging financial services regulation. Ms. Staton spent several years immersed in the fintech startup scene in New York City, where she had a front row seat to financial services innovations. She closely tracked the legislative and regulatory response at the state, federal, and international levels.

Prior to joining Bondi Partners, Ms. Staton was the Head of Policy and Government Affairs at Digital Asset Affairs, a fintech-focused government affairs firm she founded in mid-2017. At Digital Asset Affairs, Ms. Staton conducted policy analysis and developed regulatory strategies to help companies navigate the complexities of the U.S. financial regulatory system. 

Ms. Staton has a successful track record of analyzing and anticipating regulatory responses to new financial products. With a compliance-first approach, she ensures companies can safely innovate while protecting consumers and avoiding undue regulatory scrutiny.

Prior to her work in NYC, Ms. Staton worked in the U.S. Senate for a senator who served on the Senate Banking Committee. Her experience on Capitol Hill gave her valuable insights into the legislative process.

In her free time, Ms. Staton tries to get outdoors as much as possible. Before beginning her career in DC, Ms. Staton lived in Hawaii, where she enjoyed being surrounded by some of the country’s best surf breaks.